• Episode 8 - How can technological innovation help the M&E sector deliver projects on time?

    In this podcast we speak to two senior design CAD engineers, Skye Jennings and Tom Smith to provide answers to the following questions:

    • What design software is typically used and how does it help an M&E contractor?

    • Why do M&E designs go through so many iterations?

    • Is it possible for BIM to be the solution?

    • How would communication and early engagement help reduce design iterations?

    • How can M&E contractors help the process?

    • Are there any emerging technologies that could impact the design of service supports?

    • Are there any unseen external factors that are commonly overlooked which may impact a full design?

  • Episode 7 - Fire rating

    In this podcast, Stevan Grkinic sits down with Tim Brown to explore the subject of ‘fire rating’ and discusses why the current standards are not a reliable indicator of the performance of a cable management system after a fire.

    The podcast answers the following questions:

    • What does the term ‘fire rating’ mean?

    • Why the German standard DIN 4102-12 is not a suitable standard for testing cable basket.

    • Why BS 476 fire curve is not a reliable indicator for the performance of cable management systems

    • Why the use of terminology within fire testing is important?

    • How can an M&E contractor follow best practice?

  • Episode 6 - How do zinc whiskers impact a Data Centre?

    In this podcast, Steve Grknic sits down with Tim Brown from Zip-Clip to discuss the impact zinc whiskers have on M&E supports within a data centre. Tim provides answers to the following questions:

    • What are zinc whiskers?

    • When were zinc whiskers discovered?

    • How do zinc whiskers grow?

    • How do they cause damage within a data centre environment?

    • What are the best ways to reduce the risk of zinc whiskers?

  • Episode 5 - BS 8539:2012 guidance with RawlPlug UK

    BS 8539 and its impact on contractors, installers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors within the construction industry

    In our latest podcast, we catch up with Peter Gordan from RawlPlug UK to discuss the impact of BS 8539. He discusses the standard and offers practical advice for designers, specifier, distributors, suppliers, main contractors, installers and trainers.

  • Episode 4 - Why Firestopping should be a priority for building services contractors?

    MIDFIX join forces with an experienced voice within the firestopping world – Andrew Kay from Protecta. Protecta are an international UK based manufacturer of fire stopping products. In today’s podcast we discuss:

    • What is firestopping?
    • What does a contractor need to consider when specifying the correct firestopping product?
    • Type of firestopping product
    • How can a contractor ensure a compliant installation (required accreditations and standards)
    • What type of tests are required for a firestopping product?
    • Why mixing different brands of products disseminates firestopping
    • When should a contractor prioritise firestopping?

  • Episode 3 - Can we insulate our way to net zero carbon?

    MIDFIX join forces with a leading pipe insulation expert to discuss the latest developments in pipe insulation and how the 2050 net zero carbon emissions can be met in our latest podcast.

    With over 20 years’ experience, Chris Ridge (Kingspan) in today’s podcast underlines the importance of correctly specifying the right pipe insulation support blocks. He also discusses:

    1. The key factors to consider when choosing an insulated pipe support block
    2. How can we overcome contractor issues on post-installation?
    3. The role which pipe insulating plays in achieving the UK’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions.

  • Episode 2 - Can you fit 200 meters of suspension supports on your bike?

    In this podcast, we welcome Tim Brown from ZipClip as our guest speaker. Jake and Tim discuss the evolution of wire suspension systems in the M&E industry.

  • Episode 1 - Have proprietary systems killed traditional steelwork?

    In this podcast, we welcome Nigel Thompson from Sikla as our guest speaker.

    • We reflect on the evolution of steel within construction and how it has evolved from the strut-based systems used in the 1920s.

    • We look at reasons why off-site manufacturing has become the go-to option on construction projects.

    • We address the common misconceptions in the industry about modular steel.