Episode 4
Firestopping guide for building services contractors

Since the recent tragedy of Grenfell, building design and safety has become a national conversation, listen closely and the majority of them will be around passive fire protection. This has led to a greater amount of building service contractors taking on the responsibility of passive fire protection. The growing concern is that many of those contractors have not received adequate training and are not aware of best practices in relation to the supply, installation, training and testing of fire stopping solutions.

As this is clearly a topic of conversation around the M&E sector, it was our intention to provide a deeper insight into fire stopping. We caught up with Andrew Kay, an experienced mind, who has been talking and working within passive fire protection for over 20 years, to discuss this topic.

Within our conversation we discuss the basics of firestopping and move onto best practices around supply, installation, training and testing.

After listening to the podcast, you will have an overview of:

• Firestopping

• The different firestopping products available.

• Where firestopping products should be installed.

• Legislation and regulation around testing firestopping products

• Firestopping classifications around products

• The importance of surface suspension points either side of the wall

• How do you provide evidence of a compliant installation?

• Recent examples of firestopping best practice on-site

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