Episode 1
What are the impacts of lightweight modular steel systems for the construction industry?

As the industry moves towards a traceable, compliant, and sustainable future, there is a growing desire to implement modern methods of construction, whereby modular supports are used to support both shell and core applications as well as mechanical and electrical services on building projects.

Many M&E contractors are now turning to off-site construction and pre-fabrication to help eliminate waste on-site, reduce health and safety risks and improve cost efficiencies.

Both of these methods have lent themselves to the popularity of secondary modular steelwork.

As the industry utilises secondary modular steelwork, we sat down with Nigel Thompson from SIKLA to discuss secondary modular steelwork in more detail.

By the end of the podcast you will be aware of:

  1. How the introduction of lightweight steelwork has helped change the construction industry
  2.  Why is offsite manufacturing becoming the go-to option for companies outside of construction
  3. The main driving factors behind the construction industry adoption of DFMA (design, fabrication, manufacture and assembly)
  4. How COVID has put the spotlight onto off-site manufacturing
  5. How MIDFIX are driving the change towards off-site modular steelwork

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