Episode 3
Can we insulate our way to net zero carbon by 2050?

As the construction and M&E sector heads towards a sustainable future, there is a great deal of work needed to achieve net-zero and it will take supply chains to work together. With contractors focused on delivering M&E installations on time, the importance of selecting, supplying, and installing pipe insulation blocks and their impact on carbon emissions can be forgotten.  In order to gain a deeper insight into pipe insulation, we invited an experienced head to discuss the topic in more detail.

After watching the podcast you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • What points need to be considered when specifying insulated pipe support blocks?
  • What are the main issues for a contractor after installation?
  • How can inefficient thermal insulation impact residents?
  • Which British Standards need to be considered?
  • What impact will net-zero have on the construction industry?
  • How can we keep pipe support insulation at the front of a contractor's mind?

As is often the case, the solution lies in early and continued engagement between the supply chain. For contractors to take pipe insulation blocks seriously, they must understand the consequences of poor practice. For example, poorly installed pipe insulation blocks can impact the safety of residents because of overheating, not to mention spiraling costs due to thermal inefficiencies. Overall bad practice reduces the chances of the industry reaching net zero 2050.

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