About Us

What is the MIDFIX Academy?

The MIDFIX Academy is the only specialist training and technical resource to upskill and support contractors, installers and supervisors in the M&E sector. Currently, in its infancy, the Academy’s purpose is to ensure that installers and their supervisors can confidently learn and develop the skills required to install M&E fixings and anchors to the correct standard.

From a principle contractor’s perspective, it is to give them both peace of mind and reassurance that their project will be built to the required standards with reduced installation error risk and guarding against devastating consequences. 

Why should I sign up for the MIDFIX Academy?

Here at the MIDFIX Academy, we are passionate about ensuring that your M&E anchor installations are compliant. With the construction industry becoming increasingly litigious, we are here to give you peace of mind when it comes to the installation of anchors. The MIDFIX Academy training courses are aimed at all levels, from the main contractor, through supervisors, to installers.